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About Bling

About Bling

You may order a dress with or without bling…. Or a dress that has a design to accommodate the addition of crystals later. If the dance costume is subject to “no bling” requirements for some age groups, this might be a good option. Keep in mind also that sequins add a lot of sparkle without adding very much to the price.

LinDesigns Ready Made Dresses already have crystals, which is included in the price. Designs for custom or “pre-designed” costumes do not include a crystal package, and as such, the client may add a crystal package commensurate with their own tastes and budget. You may even add your own crystals, if you like, but a good tip to know is that it is much easier to crystallize the pieces of the dress as they are completed, rather than after they are sewn together. Also, I do not charge extra for the many hours it sometimes takes to glue on hundreds of crystals, nor do I sell them above my actual cost. I buy in quantity as much as possible, and pass the savings along to clients. I buy exclusively from the “Rhinestone Guy”, who has the best prices on the 3 major brands. If you are interested in learning more about crystals, the following is a small bit of the information available on

From “The Rhinestone Guy”
Quality of rhinestones is determined by how they are made, and with very few exceptions, who makes them. Sadly, this parameter is also accompanied by pricing...arguably, the best rhinestone is made by Swarovski ...I do not agree with this assessment, but due to a number of factors, most people consider the king of rhinestones to be:

Swarovski. The latest rhinestone introduced by swarovski in 2014, is the Xirius 2088 (flatback) and 2078 (hot fix). Prior to the 2088 rhinestones Swarovski had a different rhinestone style Article 2058 (flat back only) and Article 2038 (hot fix only). The Swarovski rhinestones are a 14 facet rhinestone, machine cut to standard, with very little variation in sizing and cut. Even I concede the color, "Crystal" is better in Swarovski than in any other brand of Flat Back is very bright and in side by side comparison, wins any competition for brightness. Any colors or treatments can be duplicated, or perhaps surpassed, but a less expensive stone, the Czech Preciosa Machine Cut, but again, this is a matter of personal judgment.

Czech Preciosa Machine Cut Rhinestones: Long before Swarovski was even a thought, Czech Preciosa was producing rhinestones of very high quality. In fact, Swarovski was born from this company when one of its master glass artists left Preciosa to form his own company...over years, this company, Swarovski, bought up all crystal companies in Austria to form one conglomerate, Swarovski! Czech Preciosa produces wonderful Flat Back Rhinestones. Their colors are great, their coating are every bit as good as Swarovski, but I must admit, their color, "Crystal", is a tad less bright than is Swarovski's. The kicker here is the price! Preciosa runs about 20% less expensive than Swarovski, and when costuming, this difference can add up quickly. Save the bucks and buy Preciosa. Preciosa stones, today are cut in the VIVA cut, 12 facets about the table. Older Preciosa stones had 8 facets (I preferred the 8 facet for costumes, but ..... gone is gone! I find the Preciosa stone to be flashier in costumes than is Swarovski...bigger facets means more light and better flash. When costuming, choose Preciosa. When doing high end clothing, use Swarovski.

RG Premium Rhinestones: These are our own brand, available in Crystal, Crystal AB and 57 colors including AB colors. A high quality at a very reasonable price for machine cut lead crystal rhinestones. These rhinestones are all purpose. They have glue on the back, so they can be hot fixed or glued on. These stones are remarkable at their cost and truly the best bling for the buck.